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A demo containing The INCF Waxholm mouse brain in 3D. The neocortex is made transparent, through which the typical C-shaped structure of the hippocampal formation becomes visible.The methodology displayed on this page will be used to visualize complex three dimensional neuronal structures and projection patters in the rat brain. In comparison, below is a picture of the Waxholm mouse brain with the neocortex displayed non-transparently.

 Figure 1: Volumetric rendering of the INCF mouse Waxholm space.


The image is created on the basis of the INCF Waxholm mouse MRI dataset. The MRI image with a 22 micrometer isotropic resolution was read into Newtek's Lightwave animation software, using the Volumedic 3 plugin. A scene was set up to render images of the brain from different angles. These images are displayed on the web using Ajax Zoom, a web plugin which allows high resolution full 360 degree rotation of the brain based on images from different angles of an object. Currently 360 degrees of vertical rotation is possible in steps of 15 degrees and 360 degrees horizontal rotation is possible in steps of approximately 6 degrees.


Figure 2: Lightwave and Volumedic are used to generate images from different angles (click image to enlarge).


The Waxholm mouse brain space with 360 degrees of rotation along horizontal and vertical axes is loading. It will take a moment before the first images appear on the screen. Please wait. If you have trouble with this website module, please login, navigate to the Q&A (Question and Answer) tab, and post your question.
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