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The content on this page is a snapshot of the main temporal-lobe connectome content up to winter 2018. The content on this page will not be updated anymore, but provides access to the resources that we made available through several publications.

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Resources to cite

If you use the tools on this website for your work, you should cite our publications:

Other paper(s) that we created using the connectome:

  • F.Z.M. Binicewicz, N.M. van Strien, W.J. Wadman, M.P. van den Heuvel, N.L.M. Cappaert (2015) Graph analysis of the anatomical network organization of the hippocampal formation and parahippocampal region in the rat.
    Brain Structure Function

Brain connectivity table

Use this interactive table to find brain connections between an Injection and Projection Site. Make sure that you understand the concepts of afferent and efferent connections when using this data. Clicking on the publication title will open the title in Pubmed in a new browser window.

Find new connections

Search for articles the way we do

Searching for articles can be time-consuming. Here, we publish the PubMed and EMBASE query that we used to retrieve the anatomical papers used in our publication:

  • Sugar J, Witter MP, van Strien NM and Cappaert NLM (2011) The retrosplenial cortex: intrinsic connectivity and connections with the (para)hippocampal region in the rat. An interactive connectome. Front. Neuroinform. 5:7.

Note that (Elsevier) requires a subscription. An additional strategy we use for finding papers is backtracking the literature list of key publications. This is not an automatic feature of PubMed or Embase, so we perform this manually. These queries were developed by Ingrid Riphagen.


(Gyrus cinguli[mh] OR retrosplenial[tiab] OR cingulate[tiab] OR cingular[tiab] OR cinguli[tiab] OR area-29[tiab] OR area-29a[tiab] OR area-29b[tiab] OR area-29c[tiab] OR area-29d[tiab] OR area-30[tiab] OR Rdg[tiab] OR Rga[tiab] OR Rgb[tiab] OR RSGγ[tiab] OR RSGgamma[tiab] OR RSG-gamma[tiab] OR RSGα[tiab] OR RSGalpha[tiab] OR RSG-alpha[tiab] OR RsG[tiab] OR RsGβ[tiab] OR RSGbeta[tiab] OR RSG-beta[tiab] OR RsAg[tiab] OR RSv-a[tiab] OR RSv-b[tiab] OR RSd[tiab]) AND (Hippocampus[mh] OR "Parahippocampal Gyrus"[mh] OR hippocamp*[tiab] OR "dentate gyrus"[tiab] OR "gyrus dentatus"[tiab] OR parahippocamp*[tiab] OR hilus[tiab] OR "cornu ammonis"[tiab] OR "Ammons Horn"[tiab] OR "Ammon horn"[tiab] OR subicul*[tiab] OR presubicul*[tiab] OR parasubicul*[tiab] OR prosubicul*[tiab] OR postsubicul*[tiab] OR "perirhinal cortex"[tiab] OR "postrhinal cortex"[tiab] OR area-35[tiab] OR ectorhinal[tiab] OR area-36[tiab] OR area-28[tiab] OR area-28a[tiab] OR area-28b[tiab] OR entorhinal[tiab] OR DG[tiab] OR CA1[tiab] OR CA3[tiab] OR POR[tiab] OR MEA[tiab] OR MEC[tiab] OR LEA[tiab] OR LEC[tiab]) AND (Neural pathways[mh] OR "Anatomy and Histology"[sh] OR project*[tiab] OR connect*[tiab] OR tracer*[tiab] OR tracing[tiab] OR anterograd*[tiab] OR retrograd*[tiab] OR afferent*[tiab] OR efferent*[tiab] OR histology[tiab] OR ultrastructur*[tiab] OR "electron microscopy"[tiab] OR EM[tiab] OR "intracellular labelling"[tiab] OR leasion*[tiab] OR lesion*[tiab] OR termination*[tiab] OR cytoarchitectur*[tiab] OR hodology[tiab] OR pathway*[tiab] OR (fiber*[tiab] AND distribut*[tiab]) OR (fibre*[tiab] AND distribut*[tiab])) AND (Rats[mh] OR rat[tiab] OR rats[tiab])

See PubMed results


('Cingulate gyrus'/exp OR (retrosplenial:ti,ab AND (cortex:ti,ab OR cortices:ti,ab OR area:ti,ab OR region:ti,ab OR layer*:ti,ab)) OR ((cingulate:ti,ab OR cingular:ti,ab OR cinguli:ti,ab) AND (gyrus:ti,ab OR gyri:ti,ab OR cortex:ti,ab OR cortices:ti,ab OR area:ti,ab OR region:ti,ab OR layer*:ti,ab)) OR 'area 29':ti,ab OR 'area 29a':ti,ab OR 'area 29b':ti,ab OR 'area 29c':ti,ab OR 'area 29d':ti,ab OR 'area 30':ti,ab OR rdg:ti,ab OR rga:ti,ab OR rgb:ti,ab OR rsgγ:ti,ab OR rsggamma:ti,ab OR 'rsg gamma':ti,ab OR rsgα:ti,ab OR rsgalpha:ti,ab OR 'rsg alpha':ti,ab OR rsg:ti,ab OR rsgβ:ti,ab OR rsgbeta:ti,ab OR 'rsg beta':ti,ab OR rsgag:ti,ab OR 'rsv a':ti,ab OR 'rsv b':ti,ab OR rsd:ti,ab) AND (Hippocampus/exp OR Subiculum/exp OR hippocamp*:ti,ab OR 'dentate gyrus':ti,ab OR 'gyrus dentatus':ti,ab OR parahippocamp*:ti,ab OR hilus:ti,ab OR 'cornu ammonis':ti,ab OR 'ammons horn':ti,ab OR 'ammon horn':ti,ab OR subicul*:ti,ab OR presubicul*:ti,ab OR parasubicul*:ti,ab OR prosubicul*:ti,ab OR postsubicul*:ti,ab OR 'perirhinal cortex':ti,ab OR 'postrhinal cortex':ti,ab OR 'area 35':ti,ab OR ectorhinal:ti,ab OR 'area 36':ti,ab OR 'area 28':ti,ab OR 'area 28a':ti,ab OR 'area 28b':ti,ab OR entorhinal:ti,ab OR dg:ti,ab OR ca1:ti,ab OR ca3:ti,ab OR por:ti,ab OR mea:ti,ab OR mec:ti,ab OR lea:ti,ab OR lec:ti,ab) AND ('Nerve projection'/exp OR project*:ti,ab OR connect*:ti,ab OR tracer*:ti,ab OR tracing:ti,ab OR anterograd*:ti,ab OR retrograd*:ti,ab OR afferent*:ti,ab OR efferent*:ti,ab OR histology:ti,ab OR ultrastructur*:ti,ab OR 'Electron microscopy'/exp OR 'electron microscopy':ti,ab OR em:ti,ab OR 'intracellular labelling':ti,ab OR leasion*:ti,ab OR lesion*:ti,ab OR termination*:ti,ab OR cytoarchitectur*:ti,ab OR hodology:ti,ab OR pathway*:ti,ab OR fiber*:ti,ab OR distribut*:ti,ab OR fibre*:ti,ab OR distribut*:ti,ab) AND (rat/exp OR rat:ti,ab OR rats:ti,ab)


Graph analysis

Table resource

Connection matrix for graph analysis

Using the download below, it is possible to carry out a graph analysis with the connectome data. See our publication: "Graph analysis of the anatomical network organization of the hippocampal formation and parahippocampal region in the rat." in Brain Structure Function.

Download Graph analysis sources (use right-click -> save as)

Interactive PDF diagram

PDF resource

Visual brain connectivity map

Here you can download the latest version of the interactive rat brain connectome. The interactive features in this pdf document will only work with a free copy of Acrobat reader. Acrobat Reader prior to version 6 does not support layers, therefore it cannot display the diagram properly. When opening the diagram, a warning message will be displayed if you are using an Acrobat Reader prior to version 9.

Download PDF connectome (use right-click -> save as)

SFN Poster

PDF resource

SFN 2023 Poster

Here you can download our SFN 2023 poster. In case you have questions, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Download PDF connectome (use right-click -> save as)

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