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Presubiculum and parasubiculum

The presubiculum (PrS) is located distally from the hippocampal formation (HF) and is positioned in between the subiculum (Sub) and the parasubiculum (PaS). The PrS is distinguished from the Sub by a densely packed superficial pyramidal cell layer (II/III). Similar to the entorhinal cortex (EC), the PrS has a plexiform layer, lamina dissecans (IV), and two deep layers with pyramidal cells. The term postsubiculum (area postsubicularis; A48) was introduced by Brodmann to identify the dorsal part of the PrS. Some controversy remains about the existence of the postsubiculum. In this project, the postsubiculum is considered to be equivalent to the septal (dorsal) part of the PrS. The PaS lies distal to the PrS. Layer II and III have densely packed pyramidal cells and the deep layers are continuous with the deep layers of EC.